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What the mind and emotions cannot deal with must be expressed by the physical body 

Colin Griffiths

My own experience of homeopathy was a revelation into the link between the mind and body.  I had been treated on and off over the years, with success but without much thought, and it was when my itchy skin resolved that I began to take notice of its unique ability to address both physical and emotional issues simultaneously. These symptoms were as diverse as migraines, anxiety and skin problems and more  – all seemingly unrelated but, as I began to understand, all linked parts of the whole system.  In other words, I was treated holistically rather than just a collection of separate symptoms.  Better late than never, this all began to make such sense to me and I was so impressed with the results that I decided to embark on training to become a homeopath so that I could use its philosophy, intelligence and general common sense to help others as I had been helped.

About Homeopathy 

Homeopathy is a vital alternative for seeking overall health. We are unique individuals with our own peculiarities, preferences, likes and dislikes. We enter this world with a family history that is important and plays a role in our health as well as the environment we live in and the lifestyle we lead.  Because of these factors we each react differently to the ups and downs of life and although we may become ill from time to time our bodies usually mend us.  For instance, our cut finger heals, our streaming cold clears and our headache responds to an early night.  Sometimes, however, we don't get completely better and the issues continue to bother us.  People say 'I've never felt well since .... ' and this is one of the many situations when a homeopathic remedy can nudge our innate self-healing system to get on with the job of rebalancing and getting well again.

It is a gentle and natural method first developed over 200 years ago.  It is used by 200 million people worldwide, 6 million of them in the UK.  There are no side effects and it is suitable for all stages of life from pregnancy, childbirth, young children, the traumas of teenage life and continuing all the way to old age.  Each stage can benefit from homeopathy's holistic approach.

How I work

Our first consultation will take approximately an hour and a half so that you have the time and space to tell your story in a quiet and confidential environment and I take a detailed history.  I rarely prescribe there and then but usually take some time after that to mull over the analysis and then get a remedy to you within a week, either by post or you can pick it up.  I like to see you approximately four weeks after that for a shorter consultation - about 45 minutes - to assess the reaction and we go from there.  Homeopathy can work alongside other medications and I am very happy if you would like to tell your doctor that you are seeing a homeopath.

(Children's consultations are shorter - up to an hour for the first consultation and 1/2 hour for follow ups).

I work in Hindon, Tisbury and Salisbury.


1st consultation      £80
Follow ups
1st consultation £60
Follow ups £40

I know it sometimes takes courage to try something new so if you would like to see if homeopathy is right for you before booking an appointment, please contact me to find out more  

07768 448 522


"I am very keen on a simple and natural way of living and I decided to see if homeopathy could help with the psoriasis I had suffered for years.  From the second consultation, it began to lessen and by the fourth it had almost gone.  There were other issues that I hadn't originally considered to be connected but they, also, began to clear.  Vivien was careful and thorough and explained how uncomfortable experiences can be held as physical ailments in the body and it opened my eyes to a better understanding of how physical and emotional discomfort can be linked.  As a result of this, I couldn't recommend homeopathy more highly."  SW Dorset

"I’ve been a patient with Vivien for several months now. She is helping me with my asthma. I really enjoy the process and find my consultations and time with her incredibly beneficial.  The on-going treatment feels like an exploratory journey into my whole being, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve been amazed to learn how any aspect of ones’ life, be it historical or present, plays a powerful part in our general well-being, be it physical or stress related. Thank you Vivien for your amazing care!"   JM Salisbury                                                                                                                    

"Vivien began treating me a couple of months ago after I broke my ankle in three places whilst on holiday  in a remote spot abroad, so all rather traumatic.
Once home again I was trying hard to 'get on with it' but actually suffering a lot of pain and shock. Vivien treated me for these, and gave me remedies to promote bone and tissue healing. The results were almost instantaneous. She also gave me a remedy for the horrid flashback to dreams I was having after my accident, that seemed to work straight away too.
My consultant and Physio can not believe how well I have recovered in such a short time.
I am now a total convert to homeopathy, Vivien has treated me both physically and emotionally. She is a total star and I have no hesitation whatsoever in thoroughly recommending her"  SP  Wiltshire