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Homeopathy & You

Have you ever really thought about your health?  Often we are so busy in our lives that we just keep going, ignoring the little messages that our body gives us, only stopping and taking note when a crisis occurs. 

Homeopathic philosophy doesn’t separate mental, emotional and physical symptoms but takes all these aspects into consideration when trying to understand your particular experience. This holistic approach enables a truly in depth assessment of your level of health, and so real understanding of the impact and expression of any illness or diagnosis and therefore a plan of care which considers all aspects of your presentation.

A thorough exploration of what makes you ‘you’ enables the selection of the most appropriate remedy for your unique symptoms. Taking the time to really reflect on your current situation, where things have become unbalanced and what you need to get back on track.

"today you are you,  

that is truer than true,

there is no-one alive, 

who is you-er than you"  

Dr Seuss

Homeopathy & Me

I graduated from Salisbury Homeopathy College in June 2015 and run a small but busy practice from my home in Salisbury. 

I am registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths - committed to a professional code of ethics and conduct.

I discovered Homeopathy following the birth of my second child, we had a difficult time and Homeopathy was invaluable in our recovery. The gentle yet powerful way that Homeopathy influenced and altered our lives fascinated me, the understanding of health and disease was so different to what I had previously known, but made so much sense to me and inspired me to find out more - leading to me gaining my licentiate and starting my own practice. 

I see patients of all ages and types, loving the diversity and variety this brings to my work, always leading to opportunities to learn more and understand more, working in an open and accepting way. 

I am committed to life long learning, not only attending CPD events but always aware that each patient that comes to me is another opportunity to extend my knowledge of health and disease, through understanding their experience. 


First Consultation - Adult £80/Child £60

Follow up - Adult £40/Child £30

Acute Consultation - £25

(Remedies are included in the fee)


I contacted Amber for help with my son's skin. He had developed a cyst on his cheek and we had tried all option with our GP. We were keen to find some other solutions in order to avoid him having surgery to have it removed.
Amber was absolutely brilliant with my little boy. She spoke to him directly and really took time to get to know him and look at the issues holistically. I really appreciated the attention to detail and overall person-centred approach. It was also enormously helpful to have follow up calls between appointments. The overall result was excellent and now the cyst has nearly completely cleared.
I will definitely be recommending Amber in the future. (JB)
Amber provided my husband with homeopathic remedies following a recent  shoulder operation. She was so helpful and knowledgeable, suggesting different remedies according to each stage of his recovery. He now has full range of movement in his shoulder. He had a trouble free and speedy recovery, and I am sure the homeopathic treatment helped with the healing process. (PL)
My daughter saw Amber for a long period to reduce her anxiety and improve her concentration. She received a holistic and comprehensive treatment which both subjectively and objectively reduced her difficulties. Amber has been readily available at intervals to adjust treatment and my daughter has greatly benefited from this.  Additionally I have also had some treatment for health issues. Amber is flexible and responsive to my needs and I would recommend her as a practitioner. (KW)