Maria Olsen - RSHom

If you would like to find out how homeopathy can help you, please do contact me.  I am happy to have a free informal chat. 

Tel: 07968 775120


What to expect from a homeopathic consultation

I work from home in a comfortable and confidential setting. A consultation enables me to get to know you and to understand what you would like help with. It is also an opportunity for you to tell your story and be heard. 

We all express symptoms in a unique manner and I will be interested to know what yours are and how you experience them. The information I learn about you and your condition enables me to select the most appropriate homeopathic remedy that most matches your unique ‘picture’. I will ask questions that explore your symptoms, for example, what makes them better or worse, your personality traits, lifestyle, diet and medical history. The initial consultation is longer so that I have enough time to gather a complete and precise picture of you.

Sometimes I may prescribe a homeopathic remedy at the end of your consultation. Mostly, I take time to carefully work on your case before prescribing. I prefer if remedies are collected from my home, but I am also happy to post. 


Where to find me


About me and Homeopathy

My interest in and passion for Homeopathy was sparked by my experiences using homeopathy for myself and my daughter. I am passionate about homeopathy for so many reasons, but especially because it stimulates our innate ability to heal ourselves and restore balance to our lives. 

Life brings pockets of stress which can impact on our health and well being. Whilst we often overcome stresses, sometimes we ignore the signs telling us that all is not well. This can lead to longer term conditions, affecting our lives and those of our families. The gentle stimulation of homeopathy is an effective and natural means of addressing health concerns and regaining balance and well being that we all deserve. 


I was also drawn to homeopathy because it embraces a holistic approach and so our whole being on all levels, not just our physical body, can heal. This is true for all persons at whatever stage in life. Since there are no side effects it can be used with newborns, in pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding and alongside conventional treatment. 

I have a particular interest in children who have always held my attention from when I was young. I love to observe them engaging in their world with innocence, curiosity and sense of wonder. My experience of 14 years working with children as a primary and secondary school teacher has enabled me to gain a deeper insight into life as a child, how they might perceive the world and where they might get 'stuck'.

I am a registered and insured member of the Society of Homeopaths. This means that I practice in a professional manner and work to the Society's Code of Ethics and Standards.

Fees from January 2017 -2018

Fees include case analysis after the consultation, communication between consultations and remedies required (including postage where necessary). If an unusual remedy needs to be ordered, a small cost (under £10) may be incurred.  

First consultation - Adult £80.00 (90 - 120 mins) / Child £60.00 (60 - 90 mins)

Follow-up consultation - Adult £40.00 (60 mins) / Child £35.00 (45 mins)

Acute consultations in person - £25.00 

Existing patients are welcome to call me for help with acute illness. The initial 15 minutes is not charged, but thereafter, £20.00 for every 30 minutes accumulated.


Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation. Late cancellations will be charged at half the consultation fee, while missed appointments will incur the full consultation fee.


Having seen various homeopaths over the years, due to frequent moves we were recommended Maria by a friend.  From the moment we met her, her warm personable manner put our 9-year-old daughter at ease. 

A comprehensive consultation was carried out and a remedy soon followed. We noticed an instant change in our daughter's symptoms of nightmares, and her bed wetting soon started to reduce, which significantly improved our daughter’s confidence after a very long period of wet nights. Sleepovers soon became much less stressful for her.  I have used homeopathy for many years, but I was still surprised at how effective it was for what were some very deep-seated issues. When adjustments to our daughter's remedy were required, Maria actioned them quickly in order to get improved results as soon as possible.

We cannot thank Maria enough for the wonders she has worked with our daughter. Maria's support throughout was superb. She was so easy to talk to and our daughter always looked forward to seeing her because she herself had noticed the improvements, and she enjoyed her company. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maria to anyone (JD).

Maria has helped and is continuing to help me stop the increasing amount of drugs my daughter is exposed to. She has helped with hey fever, viral induced wheeze and stress related behaviour changes. Always has time to listen and provide suggestions that are natural and positive. I would recommend trying Homeopathy to anyone feeling like GPs are just guessing and adding more and more drugs to combat symptoms rather than solving the real issue. Very happy customer (LS -19th Oct 2018)